Will reading from screens harm your eyes?


The article Will Reading From a Screen Harm My Eyes?¬†Written by Ken Singh was not specific to the elderly but it definitely applies to them, as it applies to most people. It’s a fact that it is bad for your eyes to read in the dark but is it bad for your eyes to read from tablets, iPhones, computer screens and e-books? This is a topic that some of the elderly are more worried about, as they weren’t brought up in a generation with the products and therefore less trustworthy of some.

The article explains that there is evidence that if you are reading too close to a screen then there can be a negative impact and it could negatively impact on your sight as you then risk becoming more shortsighted. Luckily for the elderly, this is seen in children or young adults with eyes that are still developing.

If the elderly have sore eyes from watching television all day or maybe even using their computer for a while or reading a book, they should just rest their eyes until they feel better again, usually for about 5 to 10 minutes.

This article is useful because there are myths about whether or not reading from an electronic screen is bad for your eyesight; it is therefore good to know the actual facts. This article gives useful facts and could be helpful for elderly or younger people, so they know what is healthy for them and they can correctly tell their children and grandchildren what is healthy for them too.

Sources from the article: ABC health & Wellbeing at abc.net.au; and the conversation.edu.au