Male Menopause


The article Male Hormone Deficiency by Dr Robert McEvoy at states the symptoms vary and are not specific with ‘male menopause’, which is the wrong expression, as unlike women, mens sex hormones drop slowly at around 40-50.

There is no main cause, however stress is a factor, like it is with other health problems. It includes tiredness, irritability, loss of motivation, joint aches and other symptoms too.It can be looked at through blood tests by your doctor to check the level of testosterone in your body. Like many things, a healthy diet and exercise increases metabolism and can stimulate hormone production, so older men who are overweight and unhealthy have a larger chance of going through ‘male menopause’ earlier on.

Like many health articles, it demonstrates that healthy eating and ongoing exercise, especially for elderly, is beneficial in almost every way. Exercise for elderly men could be perhaps doing the gardening or walking to the local grocery store.

Male hormone deficiency will happen to every man that gets older, however its in no way beneficial to get symptoms earlier on and therefor as the article demonstrates, elderly men should get regular check ups, keep active, eat healthy and they will generally have less health problems and less problems when they go through ‘male menopause.’