Your Posture May Predict Your Future Abilities


I found some great articles this week, including Older Adults’ Posture May Predict Future Disability by Robert Preidt.

This article from ‘Medicine Plus’ explains that there was a study conducted which included over 800 people over the age of 65 in Japan. There were four types of spinal measurements that they went through. It was found that “those with the greatest angle of spinal inclination were about three and a half times more likely to become dependent on help for basic daily activities than those with the least spinal inclination”.

Robert Preidt also clarifies at the end of the article that despite the fact that studies found spinal angle and future disability in older adults are associated with each other, the study “did not establish a cause-and-effect relationship”

The news of posture affecting your abilities later in life is significant for adults and elderly, because if there were no studies to find these results and theories, hospitals, aged care facilities and doctors would find it more difficult to prevent disabilities which can sometimes become a burden on aged carers and hospitals. This study provides some background information and research to assist doctors in further preventing senior disabilities .