The Older You Get, The Higher Risk of Traffic Accident Death


Another article by¬†Robert Preidt called¬†As Pedestrian’s Age Rises, So Does Odds of Dying in Traffic Accident provides evidence of U.S. data that showed traffic-related death rates for men and women aged 75 and older were over double those ages 34 or younger.

This figure is not only higher because there is an increased number of elderly people walking around on streets, but also because if they were hit by any vehicle, it is highly possible for them to die from their injuries as the older people get, the more fragile they become. If a 30 year old man was hit by a car, he may be in a serious condition but it is more likely for him to survive than an 80 year old man.

The article provides great statistics like “between 2001 and 2010, more than 47,000 Americans died in traffic-related pedestrian deaths, with males having more than double the risk of being hit and killed versus females.” And that researchers say 3/4 of pedestrian deaths happen in cities. These statistics provide the evidence that it is occurring as a problem. Even though the studies are from the U.S, Australia is also an ageing population and it applies in all countries.

This article is great to demonstrate some of the health issues countries have. This is because it not only applies to America but also Australia as it’s a growing and ageing population. This problem is just as significant in Australia as it is in America and it would be great to use these statistics to help prevent as many accidents as possible and help elderly realise how important it is to keep safe when walking on roads and in traffic as they are at a much higher risk.