The Lonelier You Are, The Earlier You Die


There is a study found in this article Toll of loneliness: isolation increases risk of death, study finds written by John Bingham, that proves elderly people who have very infrequent visits from friends and family and who are lonely are 50% more likely to die before the average life expectancy, and when they do, they still struggle.

Of course like many other illnesses, there is usually underlying issues and sicknesses that contribute to problems like these, however there is no denying that the happier and healthier one may be, especially an elderly person, the longer they will live as they would be helping themselves and have the support around them as well.

This link between isolation and death is a scary topic, especially for those that may have lost their family members for some reason. It is a topic and article that is relevant to all elderly because we become more and more delicate as years go on, and emotional factors can often be the most consequential. The article is very interesting and informative with its studies and sources like;

It is based on a study of the lifestyles of 6,500 people aged 52 and over, who were followed over a seven-year period up until March last year.

Those who took part were asked a series of questions about their background, marital status, race, income and social life as well as having their health recorded over that period.

During the period of the study, just over one in seven of them died.

There were two groups of people, one who were very isolated and one well integrated. The study discovered that almost twice as many people in the first group had died as in the second.

Altogether, this article has great facts, information, statistics and quotations from professionals demonstrating its reliability and is a great article to help the elderly become more active healthy and maybe even join some local clubs to become less isolated in their community to help them live longer