Beer is Healthy!

From reading the ‘Be Healthy – Health works’ February newsletter, I came across an interesting, eye-catching, article, Beer benefits by Bill Owen. It explains that while wine gets praise in the health industries for actually being healthy for you (in moderation, one glass a day), studies have also found that beer can have a healthy affect on your heart.

It is the ingredients in the beer that are good for you. The article shows that drinking one beer a day keeps the cardiologist away. Folate and the constituents found in beer together, reduce homocysteine in the blood, lower cholesterol and reduce blood clotting and one beer per day has been associated with a lower risk of heart disease. They emphasise that drinking more than that, and heavy drinking is still bad for you.

They also busted the myth that low-carbohydrate beer is better for you, as all beers are low in carbohydrate and contain much less than a regular soft drink. In conclusion, Bill Owen expresses that just like wine, beer has also been found to be healthy for you if only consumed once a day.


3 thoughts on “Beer is Healthy!

    • I would have posted the link to the article, but unfortunately my comments related to the article as it appeared on an internal newsletter which didn’t specify the actual link. However for more information you might like to check these websites from which the original article was taken:,,, and
      Thanks for your comments

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